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Substance showcases the work of the 2015 graduates from the BA in Graphic Arts, at Winchester School of Art. This is an archive, not of projects or work, but of our personalities. We are more than just our work, we have substance.

Winchester School of Art
Graphic Arts Degree Show 2015
London Bargehouse

Private view July 9
17:30 - 20:30
Public view July 10 - 12

Design to me is about creating a set of rules or a system that informs creation. Breaking these rules is also vital to provoke a response.

A good design is often responsible for introducing us to a new way of seeing the world.

Graphic design to me is a form of communication in which readability can be a variable and does not necessarily equate to legibility.

Graphic design to me is taking a variety of different elements and combining them to create a sophisticated and contemporary piece of work.

Graphic design is not just making pretty logos. It's making change in society.

Create conversations and make mistakes.

I like to explore the expansion of reality through my imagination to create narratives and scenarios inspired from fact and fiction.

Graphic design can be compared to an apple pie. Although a globalised concept, every household has a different recipe, even if the ingredients are (almost) the same.

We should take risks. And if these risks result in failure, then it’s something we should embrace and build upon.

The task of a modern day print designer is to challenge the existing format.

Imagine, if everything you thought could come to life.

Graphic design is a journey

They say out with the old and in with the new, but I don’t agree. Preserve the past and make memories last because time is a precious thing.

The three rules of Fuzzpix: Use bright colours, keep things light-hearted and when in doubt use #FF0086.

I believe illustration is about communication and that I have a responsibility to use my skills to inform, excite and inspire others.


“Beauty is defined in terms of size or proportion” (Metaphysics 1078a31-b5).

Graphic design to me is about having the ability to connect with people through the design. Interaction is a strong aspect of the work I create.

I want to be messy, colourful, playful and fun. I want people to interact with my work, and to learn from my drawings as much as I do.

Photography is an important way to see what the world is. It is giving information to readers visually. Photography is an essential affair.

For me, photography is a personal outlet, allowing me to immerse myself and create narratives within the landscape, that combine my own imagination with reality.

Graphic Design: meaning, research, message, discussion, perception, questioning, process, connection, experimentation...

An idea should be the main drive for a creative piece of work that contributes to our society on an intellectual and meaningful level.

I love to work by hand. I love to work digitally. I believe expressing your creativity through both is essential.

I believe that design should give a deeper meaning and understanding for the audience, by creating a user-friendly experience.

Design is a combination of type, image and negative space balanced together to make a complicated message clear and visually appealing.

Emotion of a moment,
Spontaneous feeling,
Timeless purity,
Melancholic visual instant,
Personal space story,
Intimate life’s details


Design is to be full of intellect, to obtain information from various fields and to generate ideas from the source. It has the ability to find and solve problems.

Design is for people. Successful Design is quantitative and selective, the editorial process shows the designers personality and diversity.

I always remain passionate for brand design and type design. I enjoy developing conceptual ideas as it makes me experience the value of design.

Creativity is key to creating more diversity. Evolving from all creative fields, imperfections should be embraced as being more authentic.

Graphic design is restructuring complex information in a simple way.

People are my desired subject to photograph but unlike documentary, I like the control to direct my images through a cinematic technique.

Design should be used as a tool with which to instigate societal change, raise awareness and communicate powerful messages.

Rule 1: Look everywhere for inspiration. Rule 2: Aim to create meaningful work that can make a positive difference. Rule 3: Always be honest.

Graphic design for me is a combination of different ideas.


Graphic design is to uncover information, to simplify information in special or interesting ways. It is an effective to way to reflect the designer’s view about an object.

I like freedom, I like all kinds of different ways to express my ethos. Designers have the freedom to make mistakes and take advantage of these errors, because the treasures are always hidden in mistakes.


Creative thought can’t always be cultivated by an impending deadline.

Better design for better lives.

Design to me is play, when we experiment and allow ourselves to regress into that naïve sense of curiosity we discover new aesthetics.

Story telling is not just about flat visuals, I believe that to get the most from illustration it should be an experience for the viewer.

Motion graphics breathes life into stories. Motion allows visuals to have sense and place, showing how elements react in a space.

To me design is about play and experimentation, I worship unconventional ideas and try to challenge the industry with the work I make.

An excellent childrens book requires the creator to carefully craft in all aspects.

I have always felt that the world is an erotic place. As I walk through it my senses are reaching out.

​Photography is a gateway into people, places and lifestyles. I'm passionate about how we shape nature and the landscape and how it shapes us.


Graphic design is not only a result or output from computer software, but also a way of communication between the art world and ordinary people.

I like to approach my work in a problem-solving manner. Design should create a harmonious balance between rational decisions and playfulness.​

Graphic Design for me is a way to change life with more creative forms of expression. It is visual communication and problem-solving through the use of type and image space methods.​

It's important that within my own designs I inform but also engage with my audience. I really enjoy creating an almost game-like experience.

Illustration is fundamental in transporting you to another environment. Creating a balance of fact and fiction, it is a form of escapism.

Graphic design is a relationship between form and content. Content is basically an idea. Form is the treatment of the idea.

Less is more, simple is not inattention.

Communicate in the concisest way.


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